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Reviews of eBay Treeless Saddles: Cheap Treeless Saddles

Cheap Treeless Saddle - Ebay English Treeless Saddle Review
Cheap treeless saddle review: Barefoot knock-off.

eBay Treeless Saddles Review #1: Barefoot knock-off Setup

  • Bought on eBay for $135 + s/h, made in India
  • Used with a Reinsman contour pad, not a correct treeless pad, but it seemed to work for my horse. Also, I removed the panels from another treeless saddle and attached them to this saddle. Without those panels, I wouldn’t have used a regular saddle pad.
  • Very comfortable, decent construction and materials
  • Horse never got sore in this saddle
  • Took me a while to get my feet under me – shortened stirrups which helped immensely
  • Made my very wide horse seem much wider, my hips eventually started popping
  • Floppy construction – saddle was not secure, sold it after a few years as it started slipping even more than it did in the beginning (wearing out?).

eBay treeless saddles: this cheap treeless saddle was my first introduction into the world of treeless saddles. After trying and failing repeatedly to fit a treed saddle to my horse, I finally found something he was comfortable in. The saddle construction and materials were decent and looked good on the horse considering the very low price. However, it was very floppy, like a bareback pad (but with stirrups – not a great idea). My Trekker Luxus and Torsion Close-Contact saddle have a much sturdier construction and hold their shape well, keeping them from slipping.

eBay Treeless Saddles Review #1: Cons, Pros, and General Impressions

This cheap treeless saddle slipped every time my weight shifted too far to the side and there was no mounting from the ground. My first ride in it I rolled it under my horse’s belly. I learned quickly that I needed to make ABSOLUTELY SURE the girth was tight.

The thick flaps on this saddle made my already wide horse feel enormous.  When I first started riding in this saddle, I could not get my feet under me and I had to shorten my stirrups.  This helped keep me in an okay position, but the lack of twist in this saddle would later become a problem.

eBay treeless saddles, cheap treeless saddle reviews
eBay treeless saddles, cheap treeless saddle reviews

For about 1-2 years I rode solely in this saddle, up to 15 miles at a time 1-2 times a week plus some arena riding, and it did really well for me.  I gained a very secure seat (because I couldn’t let my weight go to the side) and had a lot of great rides, both trail and arena, in this saddle. The construction of the saddle was quite durable, and I never had any pieces break (though I did beef up the velcro under the seat so the rigging wouldn’t come loose). 

However, any spook that sent my horse sideways, or barely knocked me to the side, ended with me on the ground. After about 2 years it got worse as the saddle started breaking down, and I was starting to notice a pop in my hip ligament that I never had before due to lack of twist.

Finally, after a really bad fall that absolutely shouldn’t have happened (my horse spooked and my saddle ended up, once again, under his belly), I sold this saddle as a knock-around saddle to play in but not for serious endeavors.

eBay Treeless Saddles Review #1: Overall Impressions

Overall, I enjoyed many rides in this saddle.  I made a few alterations, such as beefing up the velcro under the seat and adding panels for spinal clearance, and I switched out the leather seat for a suede one for added security.  The only reason I sold it was because it just wouldn’t stay on my faster-than-the-speed-of-light cutting bred horse.  Though my hip started popping while riding in this saddle, I can also attribute this to tight hips and a previous riding accident. 

Getting more exercise, lifting weights, and most importantly starting Yoga has fixed my hip, even though I still ride the same horse with a thick bareback pad.  I’d consider this saddle to have been a good intro to treeless for me, though it would have worked out much better on a steady-eddy type horse.

Cheap Treeless Saddle Review #2: Jump Saddle With Flaming Orange Knee Rolls!

I think I paid $60 for this saddle and rode in it once? I really wanted it for the velcro panels but thought I’d try it since I had it lol. It ended up sitting in the tack room while the panels went on my Barefoot knock-off above. When I sold the above saddle I sold this one with it as, again, a cheap knock around saddle.

If reviewing only the panels, they’d get a great rating as I wish I had some of those panels around now for my bareback pad! A review of the saddle would not be so good though – the structure came from a plastic-like thin mold that held the saddle’s shape, and it was as cheap as it’s price would lead you to believe.

Cheap Treeless Saddle Review #3: Just Don’t

I don’t have a pic of this third saddle on my horse, but it’s the junk that comes up EVERY time you search eBay for a treeless. I sat on it once and immediately moved it on to a new home for like $20 (taking an $80 hit and warning what it was). I hated it, to the point a picture was never even taken of it. Here’s a stock pic I got off eBay:

Where to start? The padding that had me a mile up off my horse? The lack of security and potential for rolling? Maybe it would have broken in – or maybe it would have broke my neck. Either way, with my horse (as we’ve discussed, who spooks and has super catty movement) I knew I wouldn’t live if I took this saddle off property!

I will say, it didn’t feel like it would break. You hear horror stories of cheap saddles breaking and this one didn’t feel like it would (except for those very cheap stirrup “leathers” that were too thin to be safe – I tossed those). This saddle just had too much lifting me off my horse for me to even consider trying it for more than the first two seconds I sat on it…

Well that’s it for my cheap treeless saddle trials – my more reputable brands have their own pages, as even the ones that didn’t work for us deserved at least that. I’ll be adding a western treeless saddle post soon, as I’ve tried both Bob Marshals and their knock-offs as well lol. See all of my tack reviews here.

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