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Side Pull Bridle Review: The Reliable Moss Rock Biothane Endurance Side Pull

Side Pull Bridles for Horse Grinding Teeth: Moss Rock Side Pull Bitless Bridles for PSSM Horses

Moss Rock Side Pull Bridle Review: In my first year of starting Jax, my PSSM horse, he was bitted like most horses. He did well with the bit, but on occasion I noticed sore jaws and my horse grinding teeth. The teeth grinding didn’t happen often, but the sore jaws did. I ended up trying him bitless and both the horse teeth grinding and sore jaws were instantly better!

Side Pull Bridles for Horse Grinding Teeth: Moss Rock Side Pull Bitless Bridles for PSSM Horses

Side Pull Bitless Bridles for a PSSM Horse Grinding Teeth and Sore Jaws:

I started like everyone with bitless – a halter in the round pen. Back then Jax was fairly young and, while he was an agreeable sort, he didn’t pay enough attention to that halter. I ended up making a leather side pull for him and used it for years, and he did great in it – until he snapped it one day pulling back while tied (something he NEVER does, someone was cracking a whip directly behind him so he stood tall, snapped the bridle, then stood there and waited for me to fix it all lol).

Enter the Moss Rock Biothane Endurance Side Pull bridle. This pic was taken August 2019, when this bitless bridle was going on 3 years and still holding strong, despite some damage caused back in 2018 (broken side piece).

Things I Love About the Moss Rock Side Pull Bridle:

  • This bitless bridle stays well away from his eyes, something I’ve had trouble with for years, even with regular bridles
  • This bitless bridle is made of biothane, making it easy to clean and maintain
  • Obviously, it’s bitless – bits seem to make Jax’s jaws sore, even though I have very light hands. I think the act of “holding” the bit is just a little more than he’s comfortable with.

PSSM Horse Grinding Teeth and Sore Jaws: Trialing Moss Rocks’ Side Pull Bridle!

I love this bridle.  I bought it September 2016, and you can barely tell that it’s been used, even though it has been used daily since purchase.  It’s nice and soft, and Jax seems comfortable in it.  It’s a very gentle side pull bridle, so works best with horses that follow a soft feel.  It’s regular horse size, and just fits his large head.  There’s a lot of different adjustments on it, so you can make it fit your horse perfectly.  It doesn’t sit too close to his eyes, while most other bridles (bitted and bitless) used to sit way to close.

In 2018 we had a minor mis-hap – Jax was having an anxious day and was a bit fidgety, and ended up stepping on his rein while grazing.  He pulled up quick, breaking my leather rein breakaway on the left side (see the leather piece attaching reins and side pull ring, homemade just for events like this!) and snapped the side piece of the bridle where it latches up behind his eye.  Luckily, I still had slack on the other side so I was able to re-adjust and continue using the bridle.  Otherwise, this bridle is still in wonderful shape after 3 years of use!

Update January 2021: I got halfway through 2020 before this side pull bitless bridle just couldn’t cope anymore. It’s still in good condition except for the area that broke in 2018 – it just won’t stay attached any longer. Luckily Jax is so light in the bridle that I can use my padded nylon halter until I get a new project finished – a paracord side pull/breast collar set made just for my boy! And as of this update, my horse grinding teeth and sore jaw issues are still non-existent!

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