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English Treeless Saddle Review: Torsion Saddle Pros and Cons of this Little-Known Close Contact Treeless English Saddle

Torsion Saddle Review: Close Contact English Treeless Saddle

Originally posted 3/9/16

Torsion saddle review: sorry I don’t have pics of this English treeless saddle, but I do have a conformation pic to share from during the time I was shopping around for treeless saddles:

Setup and Pros for the Torsion Close Contact English Treeless Saddle

  • Used with a toklat pad, with new inserts with poron
  • Very comfortable, very nice construction and materials
  • Naturally good position with long or short stirrups
  • Close-contact style means no thick flaps under the thighs, gives the saddle a bit of a twist
  • Very solid construction – fits my high withered, wide-shouldered horse wonderfully and DOES NOT SLIP. With a fleece saddle seat saver it’s very secure.

I bought this saddle in great used condition on eBay for $399 + s/h. I have not worked in this saddle as much as I would have liked, as my horse is still in rehab mode from an SI injury (edit to add: turns out he has PSSM, not an SI injury). I can say that for the rider, this saddle is wonderful.

I can also say that this saddle fits him beautifully, no slipping, sits perfectly for his shoulders and withers, and does not seem to aggravate his sore back and SI area.  His back looks just as good after riding in this saddle as it does before I put it on him, which is a huge improvement from past treed saddles.  While he tends to get girthy with saddles that aren’t a great fit, he has no issues with this one.

This saddle also works well for me and doesn’t make my wide horse feel enormous.  It has a low cantle, but with a fleece seat saver it is fairly secure.  Unlike my cheap eBay saddle this saddle is not floppy, it is quite structured, and perfectly contoured to my horse’s back (with enough flexibility to work on many different shapes).  Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase, and after a bit more rehab for my horse, plan to put many miles in this saddle.

Update and Cons for This Particular Torsion Saddle Setup for Me

Once I got to really try this saddle at all gaits, I realized it was too small for me – I ended up riding back on the cantle and it wasn’t secure at speed (most likely because it was too small!).  So this cons section is more the situation rather than a true downside to the saddle (as I really liked the saddle overall!). I sold it on eBay and went back to a bareback pad until I found my Trekker Luxus Treeless Saddle.

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