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Arizona Copper Complete Review: Hybrid PSSM1 and PSSM2 Diet

PSSM1 PSSM2 Hybrid Diet PSSM Supplements - Arizona Copper Complete Reviews

Arizona Copper Complete for PSSM1 and PSSM2 horses:

Update February 2022: Jax stopped handling magnesium last year, so I had to remove Arizona Copper Complete from his diet (has 5g – even 1g triggers anxiety and head shaking now). I still have it as a back up plan if needed since it can be customized. However, Jax has since gone on EquiFeast Lam Essentials and is doing amazing on it. That said, Arizona Copper Complete was an amazing supplement and did well for us for about 3 years, which for my sensitive boy is a big accomplishment! For more on what Jax is getting now, see my PSSM Diet post.

Arizona Copper Complete Review: After getting PSSM1 results for my horse, but before PSSM2 results, I spent the better part of 2 years feeding individual vitamins and minerals in an effort to find his perfect balance.  Copper and zinc polysaccharide, magnesium oxide, Vitamin E, individual B vitamins, single aminos, – you name it, I was feeding it and giving over 20 separate supplements daily!

This was a huge time of learning for me, as I could trial different amounts of different supplements and I learned exactly what my boy needed, down to the milligram.  After that very eye opening trial, several times I tried pre-packaged supplements to do the same job and several times it failed – the closest we came in the early days to one that worked was Uckele’s U-Balance Foundation – but my horse hated it and I had to grind it in my blender to get him to eat it in his mash (he would NOT eat the whole pellets); the pellets were so hard they tore up my blender and he still would snob his feed quite often.  

I finally decided to try one of the popular barefoot supplements. All of them had great points but some aspect I wasn’t crazy about, until I found Arizona Copper Complete – on paper it was perfect. After finding a few Arizona Copper Complete reviews online, I decided to try it for my very sensitive horse.  This supplement was an amazing addition to Jax’s PSSM diet for several years, so I decided to make a post detailing why I like this supplement and how I think it helped our specific issues. 

However the first and biggest test would be – does Jax like Arizona Copper Complete? 

PSSM1 PSSM2 Hybrid Diet PSSM Supplements - Arizona Copper Complete Reviews
PSSM1 PSSM2 Hybrid Diet PSSM Supplements – Arizona Copper Complete Reviews

Arizona Copper Complete Review:

Thankfully he loves it!  Jax got a wet mash so it was really easy to put powdered supplements in, which is good because Arizona Copper Complete is only available in powder form, not pellets.  Here’s the analysis for Arizona Copper Complete, along with notes for each of the important ingredients, per 140 gram serving:

  • 2.0 mg Cobalt
  • 260 mg Copper
  • 720 mg Zinc
    • Jax needs a high copper/zinc supplement to balance high iron symptoms: hoof health/laminitis, neck crest, and other IR-type symptoms. [Update February 2021: adding calcium to the diet seems to help iron symptoms, and Jax is currently off copper/zinc supplementation with no issues!]
  • 200 mg Manganese
  • 5.0 grams Magnesium
    • Most PSSM1 and PSSM2 horses benefit from added magnesium, and between AZ CC, MMX, and some supplemental mag ox Jax gets anywhere from 10-30g daily depending on need.
  • 2.0 mg Selenium
    • We’re in a deficient area, and I’m finding he does best with selenium supplementation
  • 4,000 IU Vitamin E
    • I’ve read the Vit. E is natural, but can’t confirm at this time. If it’s synthetic, then the E equivalent is around 2,000 IU natural, the perfect serving size for my horse who goes nutty on too much but gets hitchy in his hind end without enough. Many PSSM1 and PSSM2 horses need much higher amounts of Vitamin E, but usually not if they handle pasture.
  • 4.0 mg Iodine
    • For thyroid health, I also feed iodized table salt – 1-2 tbsp per day.
  • 15,000 IU Vitamin A
  • 20 mg Biotin
    • For hoof health, as he’s prone to hoof issues like thrush, low grade laminitis, long toe low heel, and other issues
  • 4.0 mg Chromium
    • Chromium is good for RER, but is said to be contraindicated for PSSM1.  However, I’m finding that my PSSM horse (PSSM1, PSSM2, and RER – n/P1, n/P2, n/Px) is doing really well on chromium supplementation. 
  • 10 grams Lysine
    • One of the three limiting aminos – needed for muscle health and protein absorption – especially important for PSSM2
  • 3.0 grams Methionine
    • One of the three limiting aminos – needed for muscle health and protein absorption – especially important for PSSM2
  • 2.0 grams Threonine
    • One of the three limiting aminos – needed for muscle health and protein absorption – especially important for PSSM2
  • B-Complex vitamins equivalent to one ounce serving of Horsetech’s B-Plex Supplement
    • Jax needs B vitamins for energy (B12), calming (B1), and some Bs are good for metabolic symptoms (especially B3).

Arizona Copper Complete can be customized, so if you’d rather have more/less magnesium, no selenium, double limiting aminos, etc. – you can customize this supplement to be whatever you need!  The ingredient list was extremely important, as certain sensitivities had to be met, and this supplement had no feed triggers for my guy:

Milled Flax, L-Lysine HCL, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Amino Acid Complex, Calcium Iodate, Yeast Culture, Chromium Picolinate, Vitamin E, Selenium Yeast, DL-Methionine, Copper Amino Acid Complex, Manganese Amino Acid Complex, Vitamin A Supplement, Biotin, Cobalt Carbonate, Thiamine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Folic Acid, Calcium Pantothenate, Vitamin B12, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)

I chose Arizona Copper Complete over others because of the milled flax base (added protein and high omega 3 healthy fat), the yeast culture for digestive health, and the chelated mineral sources rather than sulfate sources because my horse seems to have an issue with too many sulfates in his supplements. 

The B vitamins were a huge reason as well, even though horses should be able to make their own via gut flora – however, both PSSM1 and PSSM2 horses usually have stressy stomachs and a stomach in distress doesn’t always provide the minerals and other nutrients it should (even absorption from dietary supplementation is harder for them). 

Also, except for flax, there is no potassium in this supplement, so it doesn’t trigger his electrolyte imbalance issues, though I do find that lowering Arizona Copper Complete to half dose during spring helps to keep his high potassium symptoms down. [Update February 2021 – magnesium now triggers electrolyte issues, so I’ve removed Arizona Copper Complete for now. See Jax’s PSSM1 and PSSM2 Hybrid Diet for more.]

Similar supplements for horses sensitive to high iron and needing copper/zinc supplementation, and that also contain the 3 limiting amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine) in high amounts for PSSM2, include: California Trace Plus, Vermont Blend, KIS Trace, and I believe there are a couple more here in the US.  Canada has Mad Barn brand that carries a really good one, and Forage Plus in the UK has some good supplements.  With my horse being sensitive to a lot of different things, Arizona Copper Complete was the best fit.

While I still mix about 10 different supplements daily for my guy (that’s if I don’t feed herbs!), this supplement really lowered the time I spend mixing feed!  I could customize this supplement to lower the amounts I mix even further, but my boy’s so variable that I like being able to adjust amounts on certain things, so for now our daily routine will stay as is. 

I feel that eventually his needs will go down, so I’d like to see what amounts he settles at before mixing it into his main supplement.  [Update Feb. 2023 – Jax’s needs have gone done dramatically, and he gets a much simpler diet now!]

Overall, this is a wonderful supplement! If you’d like to try Arizona Copper Complete for your horse visit the HorseTech’s website!

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